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Uninstalling Exchange – What mailboxes?   Leave a comment

Ever try to uninstall Exchange or remove an Exchange database only to be left with an error similar to this:

One or more users currently use this mailbox store. These users must be moved to a different mailbox store or be mail disabled before deleting this store.

Ok, no worries, you will go to look at the store and see what mailboxes exist and just delete them. Right? But when you go look there are no mailboxes in the database. What’s the deal?? Just to make sure that Exchange hasn’t gone loopy you might even reboot the server and try again. Only to be hit in the face with the same message.

Now you are sure Exchange has gone loopy so you begin to scramble on google to find out how you can get rid of Exchange so you can move on with your life. Well you are in luck. You have stumbled across this barely accessed blog of mine. 🙂

This is actually a very common issue and luckily there is a very easy fix for it. If you have never used dsquery before you are about to. My guess is you will begin to see other applications for it as well.

First we open up a command prompt.

Now type in the following command:

dsquery * DC=domain,DC=com -filter “(&(objectclass=user)(msExchHomeServerName=/o=EXOrgName/ou=AdministrativeGroupThe ServerIsIn/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=MAILSERVERName))” -attr distinguishedName > c:\mailboxes.txt

  • Replace the DN with the DN of your domain name. So if you are, the DN would be DC=corp,DC=xyz,DC=local.
  • Replace the “EXOrgName” with the Organizational Name of Exchange. This can be found at the top of your management GUI for Exchange.
  • Replace “AdministrativeGroupTheServerIsIn” with…do I really need to say it? 🙂 
  • Replace “MAILSERVERName” with the server you are trying to uninstall.

What you wind up with is an output of users with the attribute still populated. Don’t fret, this happens over time. Now that you have this list you can simple go to the user with in Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC), right-click and remove Exchange attributes. Try uninstalling Exchange again and watch in peace and it gracefully disappears. Ahh, I love it when stuff works!

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